Senin, 31 Januari 2011

I,Robot, a movie about human life in Chicago, 2035 when technology has been increase rapidly. Robots are being part of human life, they help people to do their daily tasks. The robots is build based on 3 laws safe.
LAW I. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
LAW II. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
LAW III. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
The story begin with a death of the robots' father, Dr. Alfred Lanning. He suicide by jumping from his office. Before he died, he made his hologram and send a message to Detective Del Spooner. Spooner suspect that Lanning was murdered, so he start his investigation in USR with help from robophycologist, Dr Susan Calvin.

When investigate Lanning's room, he found Sonny, the NS-5 robot. It makes Spooner believe that Lanning has been murdered by Sonny but no one want to believe him. They say that robots can not hurt human being, because it against the three laws of robotics. But, if that's true, Sonny must be destroy. Found that Sonny is different, and it was created with a dream, Spooner thinks that he was the clue of Lanning's death.

After the distribution of the Ns-5, the mystery finally revealed. VIKI(Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) starts her revolution. She wants to lead a global robotic takeover. This is why Lanning decide to die as part of a plan to defeat the computer. Sonny proves his faithfulness to humanity by helping Spooner and Calvin destroy VIKI's core with nanites.
Finally the government has all NS-5 decommissioned and store at the lake Michigan site. Sonny approaching the storage site to free the NS-5, standing on the hill as the other NS-5 begin to notice him, like in his dream.

This movie shows a great technology of human computer interaction. There are NS-4, NS-5, Sonny, VIKI, Dr.Lanning's Hologram and other devices. NS-4 and NS-5 are designed to help people life. It was good but it makes people didn't realize what will happen next if they just only depend on the robots. The Robots were created with a intelligence to learn how people interact, how to do human task, etc so they can talk interactively with human being and do the task well. even better than human. They were lucky because the robots were created and provided with 3 laws safe, so they will not hurt human being. This movie also show what will happen if there is something wrong when the robots was configured and it caused by another intelligence machine called VIKI.

VIKI(Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) is example of intelligent and sophisticated technology. This Virtual system is created to control not only all the thing in USR building but also all the activity in Chicago, such as traffic, power supply, etc. The intelligence that embedded in VIKI has made it become evil. It think that human was wrong, they just destroy their life and nature themselves, so it makes VIKI thinks that to stop it and protect the humanity, some human must be sacrificed. By its intelligence, VIKI modified the 3 laws on NS-5 so the robots will act against human order. This shows human error that makes a system can be more powerful than its creator. "my logic it's undeniable", just like VIKI said, its intelligence has made it arrogant and thinks that it was the right one.

Another simple sophisticated technology in this movie is Dr. Lanning's Hologram. It created before his death to send a message to Spooner. But the response of this hologram is limited. It is a good technology to send a communicative information.

In this movie, the creator is realize that his creation become a monster so he design another robot which not just have intelligence but also have 'heart'. Lanning create Sonny to kill him as part of strategy to destroy VIKI. He teach sonny emotion, dream, and ability to keep secret.

I think Sonny is good example if we want to create 'real' robot or artificial system and VIKI can be the example of wrong creation. Today maybe it seem impossible to build both of them, but we still don't know what will happen next with technology. As we know today technology has grown rapidly but does it growth is as same as with the growth of human intelligence?? If no, i think it will lead to destroy the human civilization.

Rapid growth of technology with much smart technology is great, but if we just be a user without know how to use it necessarily, the technology will be useless. Even worst, by their artificial intelligence someday technology will control the human being, not human being control technology. Human just being the slave of technology. So, what will you choose??

Selasa, 20 April 2010

Green Tea

Green Tea (teh hijau) merupakan salah satu minuman yang terkenal di dunia. Minuman yang berasal dari kawasan Asia ini selain memiliki cita rasa yang unik juga memiliki manfaat yang sangat baik untuk kesehatan.

Di Indonesia, green tea lebih dikenal sebagai salah satu produk untuk membantu mengurangi berat badan. Memang benar bahwa green tea dapat membantu mengurangi berat badan karena ada suatu penelitian yang menyatakan bahwa green tea dapat meningkatkan 4x tingkat metabolise dan dapat bertindak sebagai regulator glukosa, dengan meminum 3-5 cangkir sehari dapat membakar 70 kalori. Akan tetapi, selain bermanfaat untuk mengurangi berat badan, ternyata green tea juga mempunyai manfaat yang sangat penting untuk kesehatan tubuh kita.

Manfaat Green Tea untuk kesehatan :

1. Antioksidan ECGC dalam green tea dapat mengurangi resiko sakit perut, esophageal dan kanker hati.

2. Mengurangi kadar LDL cholesterol dan meningkatkan rasio HDL.

3. Mencegah penggumpalan darah yang dapat menyebabkan serangan jantung dan stroke

4. Melindungi hati dan membantu melawan senyawa kimia beracun yang terkandung dalam rokok dan minuman beralkohol

5. Sifat anti bakterinya dapat dijadikan sebagai mouth wash untuk mencegah kerusakan gigi dan plak.

6. Polyphenol yang terkandung di dalam green tea dapat mengurangi kadar gula darah, sehingga dapat mengurangi dan mencegah diabetes type-2

7. Green tea memiliki sifat anti-virus yang mencegah penyebaran penyakit dan membantu mencegah demam dan flu(meningkatkan system imun).

8. Green tea juga dapat memberikan energy pada tubuh yang lelah, sehingga tubuh menjadi lebih rileks.

Selain bermanfaat untuk kesehatan dan menurunkan berat badan, green tea juga dapat digunakan untuk menjaga kecantikan. Green tea digunakan untuk menggantikan bahan kimia dalam kosmetik . Air teh yang pekat dapat digunakan untuk mencuci muka, sedangkan yang lebih terang dapat digunakan sebagai spritzer untuk menyegarkan wajah.

Kita juga dapat menggunakan kapas yang direndam dalam green tea untuk menghilangkan mata lelah. Daunnya dapat digunakan sebagai gentle exfoliant untuk membuat kulit sehat dan bercahaya. Green tea juga dapat mengurangi tanda-tanda penuaan seperti kerutan, sehingga kulit terlihat lebih muda.

Dari penjelasan singkat diatas, kita dapat mengetahui bahwa ternyata green tea mempunyai banyak manfaat untuk tubuh kita. Jadi apakah anda akan mulai mencoba untuk mengkonsumsi green tea???